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5 important things to check before renting a Van

5 important things to check before renting a Van

Taking a van hire on the Gold Coast has never been easier, as you can do a complete search of all your options online from the comfort of your home.

Some of the more important things to check before renting a van are:

  • Check the number of people you wish to take with you to ensure there is adequate seating because by law in Australia you must have a dedicated seat for each person traveling in a vehicle. Each person must be secured with a suitable seat belt unless the vehicle has a seating capacity of 12 persons or more, in which case it’s considered a bus.
  • All children must be seated in a suitable and approved child restraint or seat.
  • If you are taking goods or a large amount of luggage, then ensure the vehicle you choose to rent has adequate room for all of the gear, you need to fit in
  • If moving furniture do they provide the necessary things like moving trolleys and ropes, moving blankets and cargo nets
  • If you require things like a tow bar or roof rack, are they included and if not what is the extra cost
  • Do they offer Automatic and manual options, what about engine size and types of fuel?

The guys at van hire services on the Gold Coast are experienced and willing to help you make the right choice, whether you’re looking to move house, your flat, office, family or friends.

Check the different rental firms to see what services they will offer you

  • Do they offer a free pick up and drop off service or courtesy car?

Sometimes it’s more cost effective to use this service than pay taxi fares to and from the depot, even if there is a cover charge

  • Do they offer a one way service where you don’t have to return to the same depot to drop off the van? This is especially handy if you’re going interstate and only really need a one way drive?
  • Are there any hidden costs or is the quoted price guaranteed to be all-inclusive
  • Do they give roadside assist in their standard hire package?

Check out the Insurance

All rental agreements come with a basic insurance cover, but if you need to have additional cover it can be expensive

  • Most major credit cards now offer free comprehensive travel and vehicle insurance on rentals if you use their card to pay for your hire
  • Many household insurance policies now include travel and vehicle insurance so check your insurance covers
  • If you plan to use your own insurance cover, check first with the hire company to make sure they will accept this

Check the online rental company reviews before you settle on a particular van hire company on the Gold Coast. This is the best way to find out about other people’s good and bad rental experiences and how the company responded to any particular problem as well as people’s positive experiences.

When making a van hire on the Gold Coast, know the number of people you want to transport or the size of the cargo you wish to move. Find out about their off peak rates and any deals they may offer you while checking their service record and prices.