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Things To Consider Before Hiring A Van

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Van

When you want a van hire service on the Gold Coast there are a few things to consider in order to get the best possible deal. As with most things, you get what you pay for so consider these:


The size of the van you require

There are a number of size options available so you should measure your load and talk with the local van hire agencies on the Gold Coast so they can recommend the right size van for your needs

How far you will move

If you’re making a short move to a destination locally, then you may consider choosing a smaller van and making a few trips. But if you have a long way to travel then it makes sense to get a van that is big enough to accommodate everything you plan on moving in one go.


As soon as you have a definite move date it is a good idea to decide on the appropriate van and book it to ensure it will be available when you need it. If you are moving on a long weekend or busy time you may find that they are fully booked.


If you opt to move at a quiet time such as mid week or during the off season you may find you can enjoy a substantial discount. Some rental companies will give an overnight rate that is less than the normal day rate.

The condition of the rental van

It is important when hiring any vehicle to check it thoroughly before you accept it and take a photo of any marks, dents or scratches and ensure these are noted on the rental agreement or you may be charged for them when you return the van

Cost of Rental

The cheapest rate is not always the best option, often convenience is more important. If you have to travel a long distance to pick up and then drop off the van when you are finished is may be more expensive than opting for a closer rental agency.

Ask them if they have a drop-off and pick up service and how much it costs. This option may save you time as well as money.

Some rental companies have Vans of different ages and hiring an older model may be a cheaper option than getting the latest model


Basic insurance by law is built into all rental policies, but these can differ from company to company. Most major credit cards offer a comprehensive free insurance cover if you use the card to pay for your rental, but you need to read the fine print and check. Also. many home rental and auto rental policies also give you a cover when hiring vehicles.

Get a local van

The friendly guys at most Van Hire services on the Gold Coast will be able to tailor make a cost effective rental package to fit in with your requirements.

It always pays to shop around for the best van rental deals, but usually smaller family owned companies are able to be more flexible than the large agencies. You can check their references and reviews online, then go into their depot and talk with them to make your booking.