30 May

What are the Hiring Conditions for Ute ?

When you want to hire a Ute, like all vehicles, there are some restrictions that may apply to you, but generally it is the same as renting a car or small van. Take a look at the different ute hire options at ute hire agencies on the Gold Coast. The following are some of the […]

14 May

Which size van do I need to hire for house move?

So you’ve decided to move to the house of your dreams, or maybe you’ve finally built the house of your dreams with the help of someone like these Randy jeffcoat builders. What should you do next? Well, if you haven’t already you need to plan your move. When you’re planning your DIY move, one of […]

25 Apr

Things to consider before hiring a van

When you want a van hire service on the Gold Coast there are a few things to consider in order to get the best possible deal. As with most things, you get what you pay for so consider these:   The size of the van you require There are a number of size options available […]

10 Apr

Things To Know Before Hiring A Van in Gold Coast

When you are looking for a Van to Hire on the Gold Coast there are a few things worth taking into account to ensure you get the best deal, you can’t go past the friendly local service, but it’s always best to do a Google search to see what’s available. However, if you’re thinking of […]

25 Mar

How Hiring A Van Can Make Your Move Stress Free?

If not handled properly moving house could become far more difficult than it needs to be, which is why it is so important to make every decision involved carefully. For example, choose a realtor like Eddie Yan who is renowned for going the extra mile for you in order to give you best home buying […]

19 Feb

Why Gold Coast Truck Rentals is the Best Option to Hire a Van

When you’re considering Van Hire on the Gold Coast our company offers the best range of options on the Gold Coast. Our family run and owned business has provided a first class service looking after the truck and van rental needs of our local community for years. We offer a fleet of modern, well maintained […]

07 Jan

Rent or Buy Trucks – What You Need To Know

Purchasing a truck is a major decision that most people in business have to face sooner or later. When it comes to having to decide on whether to buy a new truck for your business or if it would be better to rent one, the biggest factor or question you have to answer is, will […]

25 Dec

Why Choose Gold Coast Truck Rentals For Renting a Truck?

If you have ever considered renting a truck you will know that the whole process, from finding the right rental company to deciding on the right truck for your needs can be a little stressful, especially if you are not used to driving trucks. Gold Coast Truck Rentals know this, so have made every effort […]

11 Dec

Van Hire Myths You Need to Know About

Hiring a van in Australia is easy and can be a very enjoyable experience but you need to know all the conditions of your rental agreement. They are always written down so you know your obligations and rights. If you do not understand or agree with them, then ask questions. There are a few myths […]

14 Sep

Your Top Tips For Hiring a Truck

When you’re getting ready to hire a truck from Gold Coast Truck Rentals, especially if you minimal experience here are some of the top tips to making your experience safer and more enjoyable. Get to know the Truck – When you go to pick up your hire truck, our team will ensure that you are […]